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Locating An Illegal GPS Device In Your Vehicle. What To Do.

Florida Statute 934.425 will be officially implemented which makes it illegal to install a GPS tracking device and software on private property without permission from the property owner. Our Advice From A Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton Private Investigator, Anyone charged with violating Florida's new anti-GPS-tracking law faces second degree misdemeanor charges.   Illegal GPS Tracking Devices. Generally Speaking - An Illegal GPS is when someone, without ownership of the vehicle, inserts, attaches the device without your permission. 

Information About Locating An Illegal GPS Tracking Device.


Brief overview of an illegal GPS in your vehicle.

It's generally illegal to use a GPS tracking device if :

You are not the owner of the car and do not have the legal right to track it.

You attempt to track a boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other in their own car without their permission.

Generally Speaking - A Legal GPS is if a parent, husband or wife or have ownership of a vehicle, they can legally track their the vehicle(s). Some states require permission of the person. Police may have a warrant to track your vehicle with a GPS device. Dealerships, rent-a-car agencies have GPS devices installed in their vehicles.

This is Information Is Not To Be Considered Legal Advice.

Finding, Locating An Illegal GPS Device In Your Vehicle. What To Do?

This is Information Is Not To Be Considered Legal Advice.

RULE 1. Trusting Your Instincts. If a GPS tracker was being installed secretly onto your car, you need to understand or remember if someone had access to the vehicle or not. This is important because if no access was granted then most likely the tracker had to insert the GPS device outside the car interior and underneath the frame .

This is what we consider a ground level insertion. Considering the insertion has to be quickly accomplished it's not an easy task to accomplish to have the gps secured in place, hidden and can be removes quickly. Most likely the gps is battery powered and can only remain on the vehicle for 7-30 days.

RULE 2. If you want to locate it yourself, then you may need to think like the tracker. Most often trackers will use the rear of the vehicle by or underneath the rear bumper area.

RULE 3. Passive Tracker - A GPS tracker could also come in the form of a passive tracker. This means that the data will be stored in a USB and used later. Such GPS tracking devices are usually installed in a compact gum box like shape and stuck onto the rear of the car.

RULE 4. Active Trackers - Most commonly used devices not only gather your GPS location in real time. That means that when ever the vehicle moves, the signal is immediate sent and one can see the via the internet or cell phone which monitors the system. With vehicle access, the active tracking gps can be hard-wired into your car's electrical system and remain on alert until it is found, removed or it malfunctions.

RULE 5. Individuals and business firms are being targeted with GPS devices. Remember you cannot find a GPS, then you maybe track by your cellphone.

RULE 6. If you find a illegal GPS in your vehicle, my first recommendations is to call law enforcement.

All GPS devices will have an manufacturing number or Identification. Sometimes the tracker may have removed or obscured the outside tracking identification. But this number is still imprinted within the device. Do not open the device and let the law enforcement official or detectives contact the GPS Internet provider to obtain who's account it is and the owner. Gps devices will always have a host and internet provider which lets the owner use their services and law enforcement can obtain this information.

RULE 7. Take a few pictures of the device for your records. Once ready obtain a police report of the incident and device ownership. 

Finding, Locating An Illegal GPS.



Step 1. Finding or Locating The GPS.

Remember one basic rule-- someone had to insert the device and someone has to extract the device. The GPS most likely be the size of a pack of cigarettes or smaller.

Most likely the GPS device was inserted at ground level by the tracker. That is if they didn't have access to your vehicle.

For The Non Tech Person - Long sleeve shirt, gloves, coat hanger, hat, flash light safety glasses, long screw driver maybe some pliers and a mirror taped to a 12-18 inch stick.

I always suggest that you take your vehicle to a local service station to have the professional put it on the lift. this give you an advantage of not crawling on the ground.

Always let your vehicle cool down at the service station, you don't need to get burned. Once outfitted for the inspection, start the inspection.

Ready To Search. Start at the Front drivers side by the tires, look, feel, behind the splash guard, where the cars break are located.

Continue your inspection under the front bumper, feel behind the bumper and use your coat hangar to lightly pull in the areas that your hand cannot fit or your flash light will not illuminate.

Continue your inspection of the front passenger underside Look for masking tape or duck tape, a zip lock painted black or a box that seems to be not attached with screws or bolts.

Look for recent signs on the vehicle undercarriage road dust, streaks, smudges or prints this could indicate a hasty insertion and direct you to the area.

Once the front underside is inspected feel, look, illuminate the sides of the vehicle. A strong flash light is needed from both directions to illuminate some cloaked areas..

Now the rear of the vehicle look, feel with you hands, scratch and gently pull with the coat hanger and any or all areas that you cannot illuminate.

Look for the smudges of road dust or tape. At times the GPS could have been removed at the time of the inspection, but their will be signs that someone may have been underneath..

OK you do not see, feel any object that looks like a pack or cigarettes or their are no signs of road dust smudges or print - no tape or tape residue observed. Good Job - Now to the next step.


Locating A Vehicle GPS, Under The Hood, Inside The Vehicle.

Step 2. Locating A GPS, Under The Hood.

Normally this area is to hot and too much metal for a gps to operate effectively. But there could be some tell-tail signs of it's existence.

The fuse box would be my first observation. Normally the mechanic can assist you by opening the box. At times, you may see wires are seen running from the fuse box..

Normal fuse boxes do not have wires pressed into a fuse circuit. If observed, the try to follow the wires to their final destination.

Another area is the air filter location-- will keep a GPS ventilated and easy to access.

The battery box cover is also a hiding place but not very practical. Try to remember is anyone has access to your vehicle.

Think back that someone wanted to check or service your vehicle engine..

Most likely any wires leading to a gps will be on the drivers side of the vehicle leading inside the vehicle. I Never found a GPS by the coolant area. Again remember that the device was inserted and the device must be extracted. .

Step 3. Locating, A GPS, Inside Your Vehicle.

Front Seats - Start Low and work up, to include feeling under the seats, feel the seat covers, under or inside the head rest, glove compartment, feel, look at your door panels look for smudges or possible sight damage, once we found them in the speaker box.

What I do is illuminate the area. feel and touch things, then take the mirror taped to the stick and examine that area again.

Sometimes shining the flash light on the mirror will give you a more defined look of inside of the dashboard. Be slow and methodical because this is the area where a permanent GPS can be located.

Back Seats-- One side then the other. Search Low to high if you don't see anything use your coat hanger and gently pull in these areas. This search is about finding the GPS and not you time.

Inside The Trunk -- You have to take the time to remove the spare tire. Sometimes the gps is in or under the spare tire. Check under all the mats.

Going higher look under the top of the trunk, use your flashlight and mirror . Normally their is a cardboard panel separating the trunk from the back seat- tug on that panel - the gps maybe located their.

Once you firmly believe that their is no tracking device located inside or attached under your vehicle OR you cannot locate it and you still feel that you are being tracked.

Their are a couple of options that you may want to consider. You Can:

Purchase A GPS Detector From A Variety of Internet Security Sites. $200-$300 bucks. But understand that these detection devices pick on transmission and most active GPS devices go into hibernation mode when the vehicle is inactive and no signal is transmitted.



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Boca Raton, Investigators, Locating An Illegal GPS Device In Your Vehicle. What To Do. Florida Statute 934.425 will be officially implemented which makes it illegal to install a GPS tracking device and software on private property.
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