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Florida Slip And Fall Accident, The Fake Accident, Insurance Fraud.

Boca Raton, Private Investigators. Fake Slip and Fall, Also Known As Trip and Fall.   Slip and Fall, Also Known As The "Trip and Fall." This is a personal injury claim or injury case based on a person slipping (or tripping) and falling. It is a tort, and based on a claim that the property owner was negligent in allowing some dangerous condition to exist that caused the fall. 

It is a general perception that slip and falls are often at least partly the fault of the person injured, slip and fall injuries are usually worth less than injuries from other types of torts. Read Below For More Information.  

Florida Fake Accident Investigations.


Florida, Boca Raton, Investigator, Slip & Fall, Worker Compensation Claims Investigations. 

Aside from compensation for injuries, the injured person may get compensated for the lifetime effect of the injuries.

The First Defense Against A Slip & Fall Fraud Claim.
For example, the owner may claim that the banana that a patron slipped upon had been dropped on the floor only moments ago by another patron.
That in the exercise of due diligence, a typical store owner acting with reasonable care would not have had time to discover the danger and take steps to mitigate the danger.
Our Agency will conduct surveillance or investigate the person who has filed the claim when they are off-work, at home, during weekends and holidays to video their physical activities for the courts to examine.

Slip & Fall Investigations.

Slip and Fall Accident Investigations - We will conduct surveillance on these claims that maybe the concepts of dishonest individuals or employees who for personal enrichment seek illegal financial gain..

This insurance scam is considered a quick means for personal enrichment. Our investigators have successfully completed numerous Workmen's Comp. claims saving our client thousand of dollars. Our agents will work days evening, weekends and holidays.
Damages And The Slip / Fall Injury.

Damages are categorized as either special or general. In torts, special damages are measurable costs which can be itemized such as medical expenses, lost earnings, and property damages whereas general damages include less measurable costs such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, the effects of defamation, and emotional distress.

Personal injury torts result in both special and general damages. documents. .

The Proof And Negligence.

Four Things Must Be Proven.

Four things must be proven in order to hold a party or parties legally liable for injuries so damages can be awarded:

1. The party had a duty to act reasonably according to the circumstances.

2. The party breached the duty.

3. The party's breach of the duty caused you to be harmed.

4. An Individual suffered monetary damages due to the harm he/she suffered when the party breached its duty of care. .
There Must Be Negligence.

A store or business is only liable for a slip and fall accident on its property if, the store or business was negligent, and that negligence was a cause of your accident.

Simply because a person fell in someone's store does not mean that anyone will be found negligent. There had to have been an unsafe condition.

Further, in order to prove that the defendant was negligent, you must prove that it knew or should reasonably have known of that unsafe condition. 

Other Information.



Florida Undercover Investigations For Business, Employee At Work, Or During Off Hours.

Our agency is proud to introduce ourselves as a team of discreet investigators, trained professionalism who have the expertise to identify bad or fake injuries, disruptive employees, hostile work environments, harassing or unstable management.

Most likely upper management or business directors will have little or no idea of what could be occurring at lower levels of organizations.

The motive of an undercover, on-off work site investigation is to provide and supply senior management with information of employees activities that could or will harm a business due to variety of lawsuits.

Undercover, On-Or-Off Work Sites Investigations. Scroll Down

Services We Offer:

We deliver our services to the corporate sector, firms, enterprises and small entities.

Our Corporate Investigators will examine each assignment to understand the scope of investigation. Our teams works and handles every task undertaken expeditiously, analyzing all the facts so as to effectively complete the assignments

To obtain efficient and effective discreet information, we have the best equipments at our disposal which includes long sight, viewing and photography equipment, video recording camera zoom lenses, night vision and advance telecommunications etc. which are mandatory for Corporate Investigations.

Corporate, Employee Investigations:

Our agency incorporates a hands-on investigation services, This is to assist your organization to prevent employee, corporate crime and fraud with profiling high-risk situations which can cause a significant financial losses by avoiding, committing costly decisions.

Our on-site undercover investigations services that can significantly help you to include.

Employee With Fake Injuries.

Dishonest, disruptive, deceptive employees or groups.

Identify, document hostile work environments, hazardous work standards which create unproductive employees.



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From work, at airport, hotels, casinos, or during business meetings, at convention centers our surveillance experts have the most recent spy equipment to document a persons activities.

  • GPS Devices For Vehicles or Luggage.
  • Hidden Video Equipment For Home Or Office.
  • Forensic For Computer Hard Drives or Cellphones.
Maritime Investigations, Licensed Sea Captain, Private Investigator.


As a USCG Licensed Captain, Private Investigators and Fraud Examiners, I have the experienced, training and have conducted numerous land or sea accident reconstructions and maritime injury investigations.


Florida Maritime Service will assist corporations, private individuals, insurance companies, law firms, marine, employers or employees who work in, or service the maritime industry. As a licensed investigator I can conduct private investigation which are designed to give you information which you may need to determine if individuals or organizations are honest or deceptive.


Investigations of yacht repairs, false or misleading repairs or work, or investigations of the Boat Captain or Crew Activities in your absence, their off-hour associations, habits and locations.

Florida Slip And Fall Accident, The Fake Accident, Insurance Fraud. Boca Raton, Private Investigators. Fake Slip and Fall, Also Known As Trip and Fall. Also Know As The "Trip and Fall."
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