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Port State Control, 40 Maritime, Ship Documents, Needed For Port Entry. Investigations Of Ships Documents.

Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Florida Private Investigator, Recovering Maritime Documents. Investigations Of Vessel Port Entry Ships Logs, Certifications.   During Our Investigations, We First Start Checking The Marine, Ships Document Survey at a Port State Control (PSC). A Port State Control (PSC) survey is a similar but not specific ships records check. Regardless of the country, these verifications and document by port authorities are performed around the world to ensure that ships coming to their ports are is in proper condition and complies with the international maritime standards.  Our document inspection may also include a physical inspection of machinery, equipment, and the ship's structure.  

Port Entry Maritime Documents, Certifications, Logs.


Port State Control.

Port State Control (PSC) is an internationally agreed regime for the inspection of foreign ships in other national ports by PSC inspectors. The remit of these PSC officers is to investigate compliance with the requirements of international conventions, such as SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, and the MLC. Inspections can involve checking that the vessel is manned and operated in compliance with applicable international law, and verifying the competency of the ship's master and officers, and the ship's condition and equipment.
Criteria For Detaining A Ship By PSCO

The main criteria for detention is that the ship is deemed unsafe to proceed to sea and that the deficiencies on a ship are considered serious by the inspector. These deficiencies must be rectified before the ship may sail again. In the annual report of Paris MOU,[10] it stated that the major deficiencies are:
1. Certification of crew
2. Safety
3. Maritime Security
4. Marine Pollution and Environment
5. Working and Living Condition
6. Operational
7. Management

These deficiencies are the most common concern of a PSCO. When these deficiencies are clearly hazardous to safety, health, or the environment, the PSCO would require the hazard to be rectified before the ship can sail or detain the vessel or even issue a formal prohibition of the ship to operate

Ship's Document Research, Investigations For Port Entry.

About Port State Control, (PSC).

40 Ship Certificates, Documents. All ships sailing in international waters are required to comply with the international codes and conventions put forth by the maritime authorities.

For this, ships should be maintained at a particular standard by the combined efforts of flat states, shipping company, and ship's master.
About Port State Control, PSC)

40 Ship Certificates, Documents. In order to ensure that the condition of foreign ships is well above the excepted level, inspections are done on the ships when they visit international ports.

This inspection of foreign ships is known as port state control (PSC).

40 Ship Certificates, Documents Checked By Port State Control (PSC).

40 Ship Certificates and Documents.

Foreign / Offshore Compliance Division (CG-CVC-2).

The Coast Guard's port state control (PSC) program verifies:

Cargo Record Book

Oil Record Book.

International tonnage certificate.

Minimum safe manning document certificate.

Medical fitness certificate.

Compliance and Safety Management Certificate (ISM Code).

International Load Line Certificate.

International load line exemption certificate.

Dangerous Cargo Carrying Certificate.

International Oil Prevention certificate.

Cargo ship safety radiotelegraphy and radiotelephony certificates or GMDSS.

Certificate of fitness for carriage of liquefied gases in bulk.

Certificate of fitness for carriage of noxious liquid substances in bulk.

Passenger ship safety certificate.

Reports of previous Port State Control Surveys.

Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan.

Cargo Securing Manual.

Cargo loading and unloading plans.

Garbage record book and garbage management plan.

Ballast water management plan
40 Ship Certificates and Documents.

Foreign / Offshore Compliance Division (CG-CVC-2).

The Coast Guard's port state control (PSC) program verifies:

Document of operational limitations in case of passenger ships.

Muster List.

Reports on previous surveys apart from PSC.

Fire control and safety plan.

Special purpose ship safety certificate.

Engine room and deck log book.

A/A Max Certificate for Ro-Ro Ships.

Records of tests and drills.

b High Speed Craft Safety and Operational Certificate in case of high speed craft.

Certificate of Ship's hull strength and machinery installation issued by the classification society.

Ship crew's certificate of competency for dangerous goods endorsement..

Certificate for carrying of dangerous chemicals in bulk.

Cargo ship safety certificate.

Intact stability booklet with damage calculations.

Stowage plan.

Record of oil discharge monitoring and control system for oil tankers.

Mobile offshore drilling safety certificate for offshore drilling vessels.

Documentation of authorization for carrying of particular cargo.

SAR Cooperation plan for passenger ships.

Cargo Ship safety certificate for ship's construction and equipment. 

Other Information.



Ship's Document Research, Investigations.

Telephone: (954) 768 - 9222

Telephone: (561) 206 - 4212

Recovering Maritime Documents. Our agency can locate maritime document for insurance companies, potential buyers or corporations. We research, who were the owners, accidents reports, the builders and the specific blue prints. These document are necessary if you are considering a purchase of a yachts, crew ships, tankers.

Anchor Investigations - A9700024 offers an affordable ways to investigate or document information on a ship, the captain crew performance for possible future ownership.

Investigations Of Ship Activities, The New Ship Owner Is Most Likely The Last to Know.

If A Vessel Was A Chartered And Not Personal Owned Craft?

If A Vessel Was Repaired For Hurricane Damage Or Maritime Accident?

If A Vessel Certifications Are In Compliant Or False?

If A Vessel Was Maintained, Services, Rebuilt, Or Had Structure Changes"

If A Vessels Is Stolen, Recovered, The Ports, Locations It Traveled.



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As a USCG Licensed Captain, Private Investigators and Fraud Examiners, I have the experienced, training and have conducted numerous land or sea accident reconstructions and maritime injury investigations.


Florida Maritime Service will assist corporations, private individuals, insurance companies, law firms, marine, employers or employees who work in, or service the maritime industry. As a licensed investigator I can conduct private investigation which are designed to give you information which you may need to determine if individuals or organizations are honest or deceptive.


Investigations of yacht repairs, false or misleading repairs or work, or investigations of the Boat Captain or Crew Activities in your absence, their off-hour associations, habits and locations.

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