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Counter Surveillance Driving. Are Your Being Followed? What To Do.

Counter Surveillance Driving Tips.  Defensive Driving,  If You Are Being Followed.   Counter Surveillance, If Someone Is Tracking You.   When, If you are driving, you should keep track of who is behind you. If you feel you are being tracked, give the tracker 3-5 turns " a few lane changes" or a U- Turns. Don't panic if all the above fails.    Just pull over in a safe, lighted, crowded  area and let them go past you. 

Information, Defensive Driving Methods To Evade.


How Do I Know If I Am Being Followed? What To Do?

Tip's - Day, Night Courter Surveillance Driving Methods.


Vehicle Cameras Our Agents Use.  Read More About The Vehicle Cameras Our Agent Use.


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Some trackers will follow you day or night from positions ahead, behind or both. One suggestion is when driving at night, take notice of the shape of the head lights of the vehicle behind you, if they are constant over a reasonable distance, it may indicate one or more vehicle may be tracking.

Trackers display one constant trait. They need a reasonable distance from your vehicle to observe your movements. That's if they are not utilizing a GPS, sitting in their vehicle miles away. .

Day, Night Courter Surveillance Driving Methods.

Trackers display one constant trait. They need a reasonable distance from your vehicle to observe your movements. That's if they are not utilizing a GPS, sitting in their vehicle miles away. .

If being followed, countermeasure, two - day or night, safely vary your speeds and change lanes. If the vehicle(s) ahead or behind duplicate the pattern, you are being tracked or just maybe, you all are all going to the same location..

Defensive, Safe Driving If Being Followed.

RULE 1.     Always wear your seat belt. Sometimes you just happen to be going to the same place and the same car is behind you. It does happen. And it is even more awkward when you aware of the same car. So the first thing you need to do is figure out if you are really being followed. To do this, you should take a detour from your regular route, but not just any detour will do. Take a detour that is highly unlikely that anyone would be taking. If you are in a neighborhood, take a few U-Turns.. On a highway, take an exit and then immediately get back on the freeway. If the same car is still behind you, chances are you are being followed.

RULE 2.     If you feel you are being followed, pull into a safe, lighted area and call 911. Do not use your cell phones for talking, texting or e-mailing while driving.

RULE 3.     If you stop at a light or stop sign, make sure your doors are locked and your windows are up.

RULE 4.     If someone is following you Where you go? If you know the location of the police or fire station head to one of those locations. The police station is always the best bet. If you called 9-1-1, they will probably be able to tell you where it is located. The person following you is not going to stop at a police station. However, you should still stay in a locked car. If there is no police station nearby, continue driving through busy streets until law enforcement can meet you. Once you see the police, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

RULE 5.     When confronted by aggressive drivers, avoid eye contact, stay calm, try to get out of the way safely, and do not escalate the situation. If you are being CLOSELY FOLLOWED by a threatening driver, do not stop, proceed to the closest police station or a safe area with other people.

RULE 6.     It is very important that you do not stop and let this vehicle driver try to assist or engage you into a conversation. I is also important and under any circumstances, not let this driver follow you to your home, your children's school or work.

Remain Calm.

Remember one basic rule - If you notice someone following you, your first instinct might be to panic or get upset. You might either feel nervous that someone is following too long and closely, or you might be angry that someone is following too closely. Either way you need to take a couple of deep breaths and put your emotions aside for the time being.

Conduct a stop in a safe, lighted location. Keep your doors locked or go into the location.

If the above words give it a small amount of time before proceeding. The go the opposite direction for a short distance and conduct a U-Turn. This will most likely identify if you are still being tracked.

Pay extra attention to your rear view mirror to determine if a vehicle or vehicles are tailing you.

The next day change your route to work or school. Try to integrate a few U=Turns to your destination. This should confuse most stalkers.

Inform your family or friends that YOU -MAYBE-BEING-FOLLOWED and possible have a friend or family member follow you to your next destination for a few days.

GOING ON THE OFFENSE - Now it is time to go on the offense. There are a variety of vehicle cameras available to equip your vehicle. If you are being followed, now you can document the event.

I always suggest that you take your vehicle to a local gas station and have the mechanic look underneath the vehicle for an illegal GPS Tracking Device.

Please check below to review the surveillance cameras our agency utilizes for all of our investigation vehicles.

Going On Offense,  Filming The Stalker, Tailgater Or Road Rage Driver.



Equipment Our Agency Uses.


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Falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam, Rear View Mirror, 1080p, Camera Video.

Going On The Offense, Filming The Stalker, Tailgater Or Road Rage Driver.


180-degree rotating 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens;.

3.5-inch LCD screen allows a preview of what is being recorded unlike other DVRs;

Night vision for interior clips and shots; Built-in microphone / speaker function,

Supports up to 32GB high-capacity SD cards; TV and HDMI HD output. Loop recording allows old file to be replaced automatically with new files,

1 Year Manufacturer warranty included

If you are a parent who transport children this camera is one of the best investments you can make.

Our agency does not receive compensation from the Falcon Zero Company. Our agency highly recommend this device for all drivers. .
Equipment Our Agency Uses.

Falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam, Rear View Mirror, 1080p, Camera Video. How Do I Know If I Am Being Followed? What To Do?.

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Camera For Many Uses, Great Customer Service.

On many occasions I use this camera to warn tail gaiters to get some distance between my vehicle. You will be surprised how often that once I hit the increase power function and the display image appears the drive behind you will notice the mirror image and get off your tail.

The looping function of this camera will always delete the oldest video, so you your memory card can always record the current activities.

Very little training is needed for this camera - it comes ready to go and all you have to do is plug it into the cigarette lighter and you are recoding.


SHORT - TRUE STORY, Our agency has extra Falcon Zero Mirror Cameras for new agents in training. I had not used this one mirror camera I had in the office. We test all units before they are utilized. For some reason this one camera battery would not charge. most likely it was due to sitting in the office not being utilized. So I just emailed the company, told them the problem and they sent a new unit.




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