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Employee Background Checks, Employees Investigations.

Making The Right Hiring Decisions For Your Company Is Critical To Your Business Success.   Conducting Employee Background Checks - Why Do It? A pre-employment background check can not only save you money in the long run, it can also protect your business. A background check can also provide insight into an individual's behavior, character, and integrity. 

Employee, Business, Corporate Background Checks.


As Florida Private Investigators! We Verify Both Current, New Employees.

We all know the negative consequences of making the wrong hire, it can lower your teams morale, hinder productivity, and even impact customer relations..

Our Agency Will Conduct A Seven Year Background Check On Both Current Or New Employees.

A background check can also provide insight into an individual's behavior, character, and integrity.

SOCIAL MEDIA - A background check on current employees social media activities will provide a business with the latest internet activities of your employee.

Reasons To Conduct Employee Background Checks. Scroll Down

Types Of Checks:

Which Types of Background Checks Can and Should You Conduct.

There are several background checks that you can consider as you build a profile of a future employee. Criminal, driving, sex offender, political to name a few.

Not all of them, however, are required or even necessary for every company.
Rule Of Thumb:

As a general rule of thumb, it's worth considering the following background screening: criminal background, credit checks, drug tests, past employers, and driving records (necessary if the job demands this skill)

If your employees work with children or in other care positions, it may also be worth checking the sex offender registry. 


Can An Bad Employee Harm Your Business.

Employee Investigations.

Investigations Of White Collar, Corporate Crimes. Employee Thefts, Stealing, Organized Fraud.

White Collar Thefts. We have investigators for businesses in regards to accounting thefts, inventory shortage or dishonest employees.

These crimes are initiated by individuals who have access to accounts or private information. They may have covered their tracks for years. It could be an individual or numerous employees.

Cost To A Business.

Did you know that the cost of replacing an experienced worker who does not work out can cost 50 percent or more of that individuals salary.

At Times, You May Need The Services Of A Florida Private Investigator.

We Have Agents In Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Florida. Our agency specializes in infidelity surveillance, divorce, child custody, insurance fraud, slip and fall, fake injury claims. Below Tip's For Infidelity Investigations.

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Corporate Ethics Investigations.

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Anchor Investigation, Florida Private Investigators.

Contact Our Agency If You Consider An Organization, Individuals Or Competitors That Maybe Engaged In Illegal Business Deals.

Types Of Corporate, Economic Crime Investigations:

White Collar Crime Investigations.

Background Investigations.

Know Your Customers, Investors "KYC" Inquiries.

Fraud Investigations.

Intellectual Property Infringement/Fraud Investigations.

Identity theft Investigations.

Business Intelligence, Integrity Due Diligence.

Competitive Business Investigations.

Corporate Security Investigations.

Pre, Post Employment Screening.

Work Place Violence Investigations.

Benefit Fraud Investigations.

Occupational Fraud Investigations.

Inventory Fraud Investigations.

Contract, Procurement Fraud Investigations.

Medicaid Fraud Investigations.

Worker's Compensation/Disability Claims.

Insurance Fraud Investigations



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Infidelity, Divorce, Custody.

From work, at airport, hotels, casinos, or during business meetings, at convention centers our surveillance experts have the most recent spy equipment to document a persons activities.

  • GPS Devices For Vehicles or Luggage.
  • Hidden Video Equipment For Home Or Office.
  • Forensic For Computer Hard Drives or Cellphones.
Maritime Investigations, Licensed Sea Captain, Private Investigator.


As a USCG Licensed Captain, Private Investigators and Fraud Examiners, I have the experienced, training and have conducted numerous land or sea accident reconstructions and maritime injury investigations.


Florida Maritime Service will assist corporations, private individuals, insurance companies, law firms, marine, employers or employees who work in, or service the maritime industry. As a licensed investigator I can conduct private investigation which are designed to give you information which you may need to determine if individuals or organizations are honest or deceptive.


Investigations of yacht repairs, false or misleading repairs or work, or investigations of the Boat Captain or Crew Activities in your absence, their off-hour associations, habits and locations.

Employee Background Checks, Employees Investigations. Boca Raton Investigators Assisting Business In Making The Right Hiring Decisions For Their Company, Critical To Your Business Success. Employee Background Checks,
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