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Our Florida Investigators, locating Hidden, Missing Assets During Divorce Or Corporate Bankruptcies.

Methods of concealing assets are as varied as the personalities of the individuals involved. In their attempts to veil assets, spouses may often involve relatives or acquaintances who may or may not be aware of their complicity in the diversion of personal assets. It is not unusual to discover the placing of personal possessions or investment certificates into safety deposit boxes in the name of a family member or friend.

Locating Assets, Funds, Missing Money, Properties.


Divorce, Bankruptcies, Locating Hidden Assets.

Unreported income and hidden assets are often alleged in divorce proceedings. Finding or locating these finances are essential when involved in a high net worth divorces case. It is a bit complicated for many individuals especially a spouse who is has not operated a family business or has not been in charge of the family finances..

The process of finding assets or proving unreported income is often one of the most difficult assignments for a private investigator. There are numerous ways to locate these hidden assets, but typically these funds, money; properties can be placed in the hands of third parties or behind false documents.

Normally this occurs BEFORE and DURING a divorce procedure. Many deceptive individuals will relocate; transfer these assets into the hands of third party, a hidden location, or into false documents. Your attorney may try to find these hidden assets through the discovery process, but many times, the person offering this information has already engaged in his/her concealment of those properties.

It hast to be examined that the cost of the investigation is worth the potential value of the assets which are assumed, to be hidden? Your diligent and the investigators effective preparation, it is possible to discover of these non-disclosed assets. Just the inference that a private investigator and financial account may be what it takes for the other party to acknowledged this fraud.

You must create a realistic expectation with your attorney and private investigator and be patient for your team to discover these assets. To actively conceal assets always will lead to a paper trail or chain of evidence that can be uncovered.

Other Information.

Understanding What Can Be Hidden. Conversions, Custodial Accounts, Transfers.

What Can Be Hidden:

The most common types of assets hidden are cash, bonds, mutual funds, cash value in insurance policies and variable annuities, stocks, travelers' checks, Series EE savings bonds, and bearer municipal bonds.

Conversion To Hide Assets:

Conversion of cash into personal property such as art, jewelry, collectibles, antiques, vehicles, boats and planes are also possibilities. Hobby equipment, gun collections, original paintings, collector quality carpets and tools are examples of asset conversion that often are overlooked or undervalued.

Custodial Accounts.

Custodial accounts established under a child's social security number as well as transfer of assets into pension, profit-sharing, 401(k), and Keogh plans are all strategies for cloaking liquid assets from the opposing party's view. Employees can work in collusion with their employers to delay business contracts, raises or bonuses until after the divorce.

Transfer Of Funds.

The transfer of large sums of money to trusts is one way individuals may attempt to disguise assets. Another is to gift money to individuals with the anticipation of having the money returned at a later date. These patently deceptive strategies may be fraudulent as well.

Possible Locations, Where Assets May Be Hidden.

Income Tax returns.

W2s-Detail the salary received by a party .

Interest and dividend income.

Interest from tax free bonds.

Taxable Refunds of state and local taxes.

Overpayment of state and federal taxes.

Retirement plan distributions.

State and local income tax.

Real estate and personal property taxes.

Interest paid, mortgage interest and points-Schedule A.

Property used to earn income or for business purpose.

Investment interest paid.

Casualty and theft loss.

Miscellaneous deductions.

Schedule B, Interest and Dividend Income.

Schedule C, Profit or Loss from Business.

Schedule D, Capital Gains and Losses.

Schedule E, Supplemental Income and Loss.

Savings accounts and money market funds.

Checking account statements and cancelled checks.

Lifestyle analysis: Look at the lifestyle of the other party.

Cash flow procedures in a business.

Write offs of significant amounts should be reviewed.

Credit card receipts for purchases.

Credit reports for credit card accounts.

Insurance statements for cash value of insurance policies.

Off shore accounts.

Loan Applications and Personal Net worth Statements .

Public Records Check.

Local Level Searches: Search the County Records.

Quit Claim deeds that are filed.

County Court Records.

State Level Searches: The Secretary of State's .

The State Motor Vehicle Division.

Natural Resources Department titles boats and other water vessels.

Unclaimed Property Researched. 



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